WuTang Mixtape Bastard Swordsmen

Bastard Swordsmen Front

Bastard Swordsmen Back

“While the trio have yet to announce their group name, in a recent interview, the Chef told XXLthat if it was up to him, he’d name the crew Bastard Swordsmen.”

-XXL Mag.com

hit the link for Bastard Swordsmen Mixtape


1. New Wu

2. House Of Flying Daggers

3. Wu-Tang 7th Chamber

4. Wu-Tang 7th Chamber Part 2

5. Cash Still Rules

6. Four Minutes To Lockdown

7. Visionz

8. Ice Cream

9. Wu-Gambinos

10. The Projects

11. Hellz Wind Staff

12. Yolandas House

13. Run Away


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